The Game Industry's Standard Reference to Non-Electronic Games.

  Current Reference (PDF 16 meg)


GGI is a reference for retailers, publishers, buyers, and distributors. The reference is the only comprehensive collection of information on game publishers, manufacturers, and importers. Inside GGI you will find over 45,000 products, listing nearly 700 publishers and manufacturers. We endeavor to list all known products which the manufacturer states are currently in print and are in general distribution. GGI reaches the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia and other countries. In each Edition of GGI there are more than 6,000 revisions and changes made before the catalog goes to print.
While we are the publishers of the Greater Games Industry reference, we do not sell the games listed. We encourage buyers to contact the publishers and/or a distributor to locate and purchase these products. If you are a consumer please contact the local game stores in your area. Look in your phone directory under “Game Stores” , “Specialty Game Stores”, “Hobby Game Stores”.
The Product Spotlight is a feature b&w section to make finding new or featured products easier for the retailer or regular catalog user. Categorized by game type (Board Game, Miniatures Game, Card Games), the Spotlight features an image of the new or featured product and the Company name for ease of finding their particular reference page. (Since the reference is alphabetized by company name, finding the new product is easier by the company name than by the product name.)
Our Industry Features section presents articles that are salient to professionals in all three tiers of the Greater Games Industry. Retailers, distributors and publishers will enjoy insights written by industry professionals on a wide variety of topics. Also included in this section are company and product profiles, and other important announcements from industry associations and sources.
Listings are alphabetical and include their Standard Manufacturer Code. You should use these codes along with the product number when listing your products. All prices are the manufacturers’ suggested retail, or approximate retail value if no retail is suggested. Standard listings (free listings) may not exceed one page. The manufacturer will be notified if the listing is over and will be given the opportunity to edit or condense their listing by the submittal date, or upgrade to an Enhanced listing for $200.00 a year.